Breathe easy Canada. This isn’t the only country where parents have gone crazy over watching their kids play minor hockey.

Esteemed writer Rich Cohen (Contributing Editor – Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair), navigated the Connecticut interstate with his son Micah during the Ridgefield Bears 2018-19 AA Pee-Wee season and emerged on the other end with his latest book, Pee Wees: Confessions of a Hockey Parent.

As the months pass and the season wears on, the immersion of mothers and fathers into the progress of their kids and outcomes of their games, builds.

They might have thought they could stay out of the politics, but it can and will pull you in, just like Cohen’s narrative.

Pee Wees’ is exceptionally written. Fun, insightful and unguarded, it looks at the game we love, outside of our lens.