Serge Savard grew up in rural Quebec following WWII in an era known as Le Grand Noirceur (The Great Darkness), but he didn’t see it that way.

Confident and astute, Savard went from playing hockey on outdoor rinks reminiscent of illustrations in Roch Carrier’s The Hockey Sweater, to starring for the Montreal Canadiens from 1966-67 – 80-81.  Once he retired from the NHL, he returned to become their general manager.  In total, he won the Stanley Cup 10 times.

All the while, he represented Canada internationally, developed his business acumen and fostered political relationships that have propelled him to prominent standing today.

On Oct. 21, the English translation of Forever Canadien, his authorized biography written with journalist Philippe Cantin, was released.

The result? A comprehensive and intricate look at Savard’s direct impact on the fabled history of the franchise, while immersing the reader into a life forged in one solitude.