When journalist Dave Shoalts joined us for Season 2, Episode 5 to discuss Hockey Fight in Canada, his book about the rights battle for Hockey Night in Canada (HNIC), he told us that his print stories about the storied program always moved the dial.

It’s true, HNIC gets people talking…and writing.

Al Strachan had a long history with the show as a panelist on Satellite Hot Stove, the second intermission segment that was created by executive producer John Shannon in 1994 to showcase the insider knowledge of those dialed in around the NHL.

Along with Coach’s Corner and of course, the game itself, Satellite Hot Stove was part of the triumvirate that made Saturday night appointment TV.

Strachan, who entered the media section of the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1993 for contributions in covering the league, draws on his unique vantage point for an unfiltered read of what went on behind the scenes, after 40 minutes of play.