Whether one calls it soccer or football, the women’s game is coming into its own. 

The advancements might seem brand-new considering the first World Cup was held in 1991 and the inaugural Olympic tournament kicked off in 1996.

It would also be easy to assume that the charge forward for female footy began in North America. 

After all, the United States has had the most success, while Canada is the reigning Olympic champion and boasts the all-time time leading goal scorer – Christine Sinclair.

There is far more to the story.

In A Woman’s Game – The Rise, Fall and Rise Again, of Women’s Soccer, journalist Suzanne Wrack (The Guardian) dives back well over a century ago to document and contextualize the progression of The Beautiful Game as it pertains to women.

She joined us from London to discuss how the past connects to the present, what the future holds and why even with recent breakthroughs and momentum, she feels that the women’s game is at a critical juncture.