When you think of Johnny Bower, what comes to mind?

A loveable, charitable, kind man, who could be the archetype of the perfect grandfather?

Goaltender extraordinaire, playing at the highest level into middle age during the NHL’s golden era?

All true, as is evident in best-selling author Dan Robson’s new book about the legendary Toronto Maple Leafs netminder, but there’s also more.

What was his original last name? Why did he change it? Where did he learn his patented poke-check?

Not every question has a direct answer, but Robson (The Athletic) provides layers to Bower’s story by examining his motivations, conveying the depth of his relationships and exploring his roots and familial ties.

SportsLit welcomes Robson back to the show for a conversation about his recent release Bower: A Legendary Life (HarperCollins).